ISTE Standard 7: Analyst

Educators understand and use data to drive their instruction and support students in achieving their learning goals. 



7b. Educators use technology to design and implement a variety of formative and summative assessments that accommodate learner needs, provide timely feedback to students and inform instruction.

A pie chart demonstrating that 48% o students agree that their advisor shows concern about them as peopl by asking about their non-academic life, that 24% aree, that 16% are neutral, and tat 12% disagree.

Below is a PDF version of this Google Form. Based on similar surveys from other colleges and universities, this evaluation survey is designed to assess student satisfaction with their academic advising services. 

I'm using student responses to this formative assessment to inform my advising instruction. Specifically, students highlighted that... which informs by goal to... My ultimate goal is to accommodate every student's learning and advising needs and this tool allows me to identify where I am not performing well.




The above photo demonstrates a weak area. Of the 25 students who answered, 28% felt that I was not showing concern about them as a person by asking about their non-academic life. This piece of aggregate data has allowed me to set goals for the coming year and to adjust my advising style to accommodate student needs.

7c. Educators use assessment data to guide progress and communicate with students, parents, and education stakeholders to build student self-direction.

To guide student's progress through their degree an academic advisor, I consistently use formative and summative assessments. Most notably, I utilize data from DegreeWorks, a comprehensive degree auditing software. This data allows me to assess a student's progress towards their degree, to assess their overall success, and to assist them in selecting courses each term. Additionally, I utilize informal observations to determine what concepts to cover not only individually but with my entire caseload. 

The Kahoot! below was designed for a face-to-face presentation for incoming education majors. The informal data gathered from this formative assessment allows students and I to direct the conversation about becoming teachers, to identify commonalities, and to build community among the incoming class.

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