Points of Pride

Swivl User Guide

A second attempt at creating an instructional/user guide after a rough one made in Google Docs for GZ's class, this Swivl user guide was created in Adobe Illustrator.

The image is completely scalable since it is comprised of vectors and it is currently being sent out with every Swivl in the College of Education

Design Growth

Classes on photoshop, designing online courses, instructional design, communication theory, and information design have helped me to grow dramatically in the design arena. While I've always enjoyed being creative, these classes gave me the actual tools to express messages through that creativity and reach a larger audience.

  • From Gimp to Photoshop to Illustrator

  • Able to explore and play

Teaching Online

After several hypothetical online courses, I was given the opportunity to teach a pre-education class to at Western Oregon University. Petrified and filled with imposter syndrome, I gave it a whirl, clinging tightly to the material lent to me by a colleague and the lessons learned in this program. It went really well. Five weeks in, I realized what I wanted to change in the material, I gained confidence, and I was proud of the work that I was doing.

  • Organized course with authentic use of material

  • Students met objectives set and were satisfied based on initial survey

Digital Story/Interview

A synthesis of my learning in Mary's Video Production, a summer Digital Storytelling course, and on the job with Q Loop, this video represents more than I ever expected to be able to do. Watching it a year later, I can see so many areas for improvement.

Professional Portfolio

I am especially proud of this portfolio website. It provides me a spot to highlight the different elements of my education, career, and passion for my current and future employers.

  • Provided an opportunity to reflect on different pathways

  • Created a professional hub