How would I approach developing new types of learning solutions for a Sales and Marketing employee audience?



  • Understand my approach to assessing learner needs.

  • Understand my approach to developing new solutions based on objectives.

Knowing the Audience

Who are

the learners

  • Sales and Marketing Group

  • Adult learners with diverse backgrounds and needs

  • Globally dispersed

What are

their needs

  • Comfortable with audio enabled PowerPoint and 1 hour webcasts.

  • Where is the gap? Where are their needs not being met by the tools in use?

  • Asynchronous or synchronous?

  • Mobile friendly or desktop based?

  • How to maintain engagement?


Developing Solutions



  • Working with subject matter experts, determine what the learners will need to be able to know or do by the end of the segment.

  • What do they already know? Activate this prior knowledge in new segment.

  • Does the content lend itself to a certain tool? Is the payout work the risk?

Mobile and micro


Evaluating New Solutions

Was it


  • Critical to growth and improvement of courses.

  • Were the learners satisfied with their experience?

  • Is feedback built into the segment or will it need to be provided manually?

  • Did learners reach the original outcome?

  • Does the newly acquired knowledge apply to their work?

  • Gather and analyze data to determine if the options used met the learners needs and expectations.

    • Apply data results to the next iteration of the learning segment.​




Developing new types of learning solutions is about taking calculated risks based on best practices and effective evaluation.